Selecting the Best Solar Bid

Selecting the Best Solar Bid

As the solar power industry in Illinois has significantly expanded in the last 8 months, there are many things to be cautious of as you do your due diligence in comparing bids and selecting the best provider for your needs. Many concerns can be eased by just asking the right questions and learning more about the company and their solar bid to you.  Below are a few suggestions from the experts at Harvest Energy Solutions.


  1. How long has your company been in the solar business?

In the past year, many companies and installers recently got into the solar business or moved into Illinois due to the opportunities from the SREC contracts and the Adjustable Block Program. For over a decade, Harvest Energy Solutions has been in the solar business and specifically have had a salesperson in Illinois for 6 of those years. In fact, we recently hired a second full-time salesman in Illinois, who is stationed at our office just south of Springfield to better serve you!


  1. Who is designing your system and what codes are they following?

Often companies contract services to other vendors increasing the chance for errors, rework, miscommunication and added costs.  Harvest Energy Solutions has two engineers on staff, meaning that we design both the racking to support your system, as well as the electrical portion of the system, in-house at our corporate office in Jackson, MI. We work directly with the local utilities and municipalities to ensure that the systems designed for you are following local and international electrical codes to ensure that you have the safest system installed at your home or business.


  1. What are the warranties and quality of the components involved in your PV system?

Just like building a house, there are many options and levels of quality for components to your Photo-Voltaic system. A few of the questions to consider are:

-How long your inverters and panels are warrantied for?

-Is the warranty pro-rated over a certain time period?

-And who will perform the service of the warranty?

When designing your system, Harvest Energy Solutions uses the highest quality components in the industry to best fit your specific needs. We provide in-house service and are dedicated to keeping your PV system running at its highest possible output to save you the most money on your rising electrical bills.

When choosing a company to design and build your PV System, remember to choose the system and company that will be there for you and for the lifetime of the panels. Harvest’s team is devoted to exceeding your expectations, taking all of the work off of the customer, maintaining an open line of communication and ensuring that you understand everything about your solar system.  Your journey to go solar begins at Harvest Energy Solutions.  Contact us today at 877-788-0220 for a free assessment.