Solar in Ohio

Solar in Ohio

Ohio has one of the nation’s highest electricity prices. Why does the price of electricity matter?

The power your solar panel system produces reduces your electric bill. The higher the price of power, the more you save by producing your own.

The reason some state’s electricity prices are low is they turn to cheap alternatives such as cheap coal or dirty fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is a limited resource and the future scarcity of supply will cause prices to rise. Which will lead to outstanding electricity prices.

Going solar is a clean, cost-effective, and eco-friendly option.

Ohio is a great state to take advantage of solar opportunities. The Buckeye State has one of the best net metering policies, simplified interconnection rules, and offers sales tax exemption on systems. With electricity prices continually on the rise, you can increase profit margins and stabilize expenses. 

The system shown above is an 37.40 kW system and will generate over $4,000 of savings in the first year.

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