Solar Spotlight: Country Chevrolet Buick & GMC (Benton, KY), 50kW Elevated Carport System

Solar Spotlight: Country Chevrolet Buick & GMC (Benton, KY), 50kW Elevated Carport System

There are many ways a solar system can be incorporated into your home, farm, place of business, and other applications. Harvest Energy Solutions recently installed a 50-Kilowatt Elevated Carport Solar System for Country Chevrolet Buick & GMC, in Benton, KY. When considering ways to help reduce operating expenses, owner Mike Reid, reached out to Harvest Energy for a free consultation. After reviewing electric bills and Country Chevrolet Buick & GMC’s electrical usages, solar was a perfect fit for Mike and the team.

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A big hurdle for Mike was space. A normal ground mounted system would have taken up valuable space used for inventory and a roof mount was not ideal in this specific situation. Harvest Energy and Country Chevrolet came up with a plan to design a custom 50-Kilowatt solar system that is elevated to double as a system and an awning to park cars, haulers, and other equipment under. With this investment, Country Chevrolet Buick & GMC can take advantage of a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, they can depreciate 85% of the system cost, and were awarded the USDA’s REAP Grant.



 This system is expected to generate over 61,000 kilowatt-hours annually and generate an estimated $400,000 in savings over system’s life. The system’s benefits will help increase profit margins for the next several decades, see a 5-year return, and increase their energy/financial independence. Harvest Energy can help design a system specific to your application to overcome an array of challenges.


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