Why Quality Matters

Why Quality Matters

When making the choice to go solar the most common questions are how much, who to hire and what product to buy. So, let’s answer a question with a question. What is most important to you, the home owner? Aesthetics? Overall value? Peace of mind? Price?

In offering SunPower products Harvest Energy Solutions has answered all these questions in a definitive way. SunPower offers the most efficient, elegant and longest lasting product on the market. Harvest adds to that with hundreds of installations and a dedicated staff of certified engineers, installers and master electricians. It makes sense to put our combined 40 years of experience to work for you.

With a 25 year full system transferable warranty backed by 40 years of industry experience homeowners can rest easy knowing they have made a sound investment.

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With industry leading efficiency and technology, SunPower provides more power per square inch than any other panel in the rooftop solar market. The Maxeon cell, comprised of mono-crystalline type N silicon and copper backing, is designed to withstand years of abuse while producing a lifetime 60% more power than typical tier 1 panels all while using less space and making more power with every panel installed.

Since every piece of the SunPower Equinox is designed and manufactured by SunPower, they can pay special attention to design and aesthetics. The least talked about yet most important part of the construction of your array is the racking.  Invisimount racking designed for Equinox makes for cleaner installation and lets the sleek black panels “float” on the roof space.

Grandpa always says, “if it’s good it’s not cheap and if it’s cheap it’s not good”. This applies to so many things in life like cars, tools, and boots.  The list goes on. If the product needs to be replaced/repaired every three months or doesn’t deliver the intended outcome it’s not a good deal, right? The same applies to your solar purchase.

So, if you think all solar is created equal I ask you to think again. The long-term value of your investment rests on the technology and installer you choose. This should be the first and last solar array you will ever buy for your home, so why not choose the best value?

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